We have done

Through our FOUNDATION CHILDREN OF THE SUN supported and took care thousand of  children and adolescent of the street, jailed, and orphaned children that survive the horrible  floods, in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Brazil and Venezuela..

What are we doing?

We are currently collecting the memories, experiences and lessons of all accumulated through the years of experience in Latin America, where I have known, loved and lived with the protagonists, children and adolescents in the streets in shelter for kids of the different countries, also in different Evangelistic Crusades and activities, that I have been blessed to participate. We find a much more mature spiritual level and with the same love with which I first started doing God’s work, my cravings for serving God and humanity, especially children and adolescents has been strengthened. I am sure that we will add many loving people to our cause, as the word of God says in the Bible: The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out  workers into His harvest field (Luke 10:­2) bringing as result:


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Our book, Teaching to love 

Through a supernatural encounter with God in indigenous communities, born a passion for  rescuing the innocence in the usual abuse that children and adolescents are living on the  street of Latin America some of them have been victims of violence even before taking to the  street.

This book reflects the harsh living situation of these children’s and shows solutions  that adapt to the reality of this time. It is a warning cry that carries a message of  street children are not criminals.

Government proposals

Our proposal is to transform the actual jail or holding centers for adolescents and create  Integrated Formation Centers for Adolescents with wrongful conducts, Our program is based  on the right the human being, to live in dignity and achieve development harmonic of their  mental faculties , physical, emotional, emotional and cognitive , ethical and spiritual .

All this  is  possible  in  an  environment  where  not  only  are  guaranteed  their  rights  with  positive    experiences, productive and rewarding on all orders of human endeavor. Where processes are  generated self­knowledge , responsibility in the conduct of the own life , based on a healthy  self concept and a healthy self­esteem in a warm environment of respect, solidarity, love ,  comfort and creativity.

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Our magazine, “VALUES YES”

After  20  years  dedicated  to  the  rescue  of  education  and  prevention  of  childhood  on  the  streets, I felt a deep call in my heart to share these experiences and take them through  a  serious campaign to the media, which has the name “ Values YES”  ​starting  with  this first  edition of our journal. The magazine’s main purpose is to rescue our values ​​where  a series  of theoretical aspects  and  practical  suggestions,  with  content  that  enable  recapturing  what traditionally has been lost in the new generations are given Taking  the  message  and  solutions  to  our  daily  life,  to  keep  our  community informed   with  a  valuable lesson that will benefit families, readers of all ages and teach us to live  peacefully,  to maintain respect for human rights, education  comprehensive,  social, moral  and spiritual.

Visit: www.valuesyes.com